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Sahana MadusoothanMaking a positive impact isn’t easy, I wanted a challenge, and decided stepping out is the way forward.

Born to a middle class family in India, I have toiled hardships like most out there. My parents have sacrificed immensely for my betterment and with the untimely illness of my Mother, my world started crumbling faster than it took to build. With the help of my extended family, I managed to complete my studies. Instead of giving up, I did the last thing anyone would think of and started learning the art of handmade crafts as well as cooking. The grit and sheer courage instilled in me by my parents allowed me to bear all family burdens and help my only sibling to complete their studies as well. I wanted to focus on doing experiences that people can never buy in stores. My goal was to identify all the talents I have, from simple everyday talents to up scaled unique traits. This is when I knew, that with untethered perseverance, anything is possible. Similar to every girl’s dream, found the love of my life and settled down here, in this beautiful island of Sri Lanka – which I now call home since 2014.

Never say never, I had envisioned, I had a goal for what I wanted the business to be like and I don’t think any entrepreneur right now can say that they’re doing things in the same trajectory as where their business was first heading. As long as I do not give in to pressure and crumble, I knew I’d make it through. With the foundation being laid, I wanted to create a platform for all Women out there. Having learned crafts in India at a young age, with Terracotta jewelry been the favourite, I decided to make this the first step towards creating that platform. Come 2015, I started my business which is now referred to as MS Fashion. Couldn’t have done it without my husband though, mentally he has supported me immensely.

Entrepreneurship is a term that my parents have embodied quite well – to unmatched extents even. It had been passed onto me by virtue – this I did not realise till late of age. My childhood has taught me to pivot, take chances and above all else, believe in myself, my abilities and to play to my strengths. During the early stages of my life, I was constantly reminded of the importance to be humble, Achieving and Fighting – yet Humble. There’s a way to announce achievements, milestones and good deeds without sounding over the top. “Let a customer or a client sing the praises” is what my pater lived by and is exactly what I try to live by too.

STOP SAYING NO, stop being negative, if you want it- go get it. These should be the standards of every woman regardless of skin colour and Race etc. Successful entrepreneurs treat themselves, take time to recoup, fuel their bodies with nutrition, exercise, and take care of themselves. They believe in themselves, and don’t give in to self-doubt or fear. Having a rough childhood, a tough environment, these could happen to anybody, even to the best of us. How we overcome adversity is what defines us.

I’ve had so many people ask me now as to how I made it through difficult times. That they themselves have faced or are still facing issues beyond their control. Starting a family and raising kids have hampered their achievements apparently. I fail to understand this however – If they did not make any effort in reaching their goals as a single citizen, why put the blame on their kids and family now? If you have a talent, and almost all of us have more than 2 at least, why not make a business out of it? Why not use your story as platform to push people towards their dreams? Why not lend a helping hand or be the shoulder for people to cry on when they are in need? WE ARE ALL HURTING as Women, we feel the intensity of emotional drawbacks the most – so why not turn that wound into a pearl?

I never understood the gravity of things that happened to me and my family but now I do – it made me strong-willed.

I never understood, even during pregnancy right through delivery, as to why no one was with me except my husband but now I do – it made me independent.

I never understood as to why I as a woman, had to face hardships and fight for all that I believed in but now I do – it allows me to a beacon of hope and a role model for all women.

This has now become a goal of mine – to be the best female entrepreneur out there. I might fail but, at least I know I’ll influence few women on the way to achieve their true potential. There’s so many women out there with immense talent yet, with little to no support nor any guidance.

My parents were a motivation to me, they worked hard and diligently, they kept no stone unturned and more importantly, they sowed seeds into my life. Seeds of perseverance, of grit and humility to be the woman I am today.

If you are reading this, I wish to pass on the fruit of those seeds to you.

You are Powerful, Mighty and Equipped – DO NOT let anyone say otherwise

Let’s win together,


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